SQREEM Announces Acquisition of Trade Indy

Singapore AI digital behaviour aggregator, SQREEM Technologies, acquire Melbourne-founded, programmatic business Trade Indy.

The acquisition plays a pivotal role in transforming the digital marketing landscape, enabling marketers to engage customers in the cookie-free future.

Singapore, 12 March 2024 - Singapore headquartered SQREEM Technologies, the world’s largest digital behaviour aggregator, has acquired Melbourne-founded, programmatic business Trade Indy, as part of their ongoing global expansion plans.

SQREEM Technologies’ acquisition of Trade Indy creates a new, unprecedented offering, making them one of the world’s largest AI Partnership providers. For agencies and clients alike, the acquisition will allow brands to identify and illustrate their audiences with peak precision, building longer-term digital relationships, enhancing brand impact and driving budget accountability.

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Leverage the world's largest behavioral data repository without integration, or any form of transformation

SQREEM is a pure AI company, pioneering cookie-free solutions across global markets and industries. We turn AI customer insights derived from billions of data points into research, insights, and customer activation


78 Countries

Comprehensive Market Coverage

End-to-End Solution

In-House Data-Capture & Activation Infrastructure

92% Digital Activity

Within 24 hours in a Country

5+ Billion

Aggregated Traffic Data from Websites, Apps, Devices, Content Distribution, E-Com Taxonomies, Media Auctions, Search and Geospatial Data

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Lower the cost of media and build vast, customized audience repositories around your brand, competitors, and market

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Enhance and automate the agency workflow from pitch to delivery. Leverage the world's largest audience repository

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Data Feeds

Massive real time data infrastructure provides insight into any audience, market, behaviour through an easy to use interface

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Generate deep market insights and directly reach HCPs and patients towards any therapeutic domain

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Accelerate the discovery of treatment causalities or molecular kinetics through highly intelligent pattern detection and computing capabilities

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Simple integration and transformative outcomes

30-40% improvements in media price
AI supply chain infrastucture delivers immediate reductions in the cost of media across all digital channels from social to programmatic display
40-60% uplifts in customer engagements
AI enhanced consumer interactions mean SQREEM delivers improvements across all campaigns whether your powering brand engagement, sparking conversations or driving sales
Massive reduction in the manpower required for digital activation
SQREEM significantly reduces the time and resource required to execute high quality digital campaigns, and eliminates the skills requirement for intricate cross platform strategy and optimisation
Competitive advantage through autonomous A.I. customization and expertise
Media supply chain is a live environment, where billions of data points are instantly analysed and acted upon


Automated Processing of Raw Data Input from Databases, Publications, and Taxonomies into Actionable Insights by SQREEM's Massive Infrastructure powered by AI


Five products that can be applied across the entire digital marketing process from strategy, to execution, and reporting

We automate precise ad targeting, addressing internet challenges without cookies, and prioritize privacy, seamlessly integrating with brands

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