ONE Audience

The biggest cross-channel digital audience marketplace in the cookieless world

Activate AI-curated audiences, where deep insights and media targeting merge seamlessly for execution across channels within a unified platform

Activate AI-Curated Audiences Cross-Channel from one single platform. Intelligently optimize and drive towards enhanced KPIs

Cutting edge, speed, scale, access, and accuracy with just a few clicks.

SQREEM's AI buying platform means you can plan a campaign with thousands of individual audience cohorts and make millions of optimisations a day, with the push of a few buttons.

Target thousands of granular audiences

Through SQREEM's interface you can execute media campaigns that target thousands of audience cohorts, without complicated manual inputs

Run campaigns across multiple media platforms, easily.

You no longer need to log onto a different account or deal with different vendors to plan campaigns across Meta, Google, Tik Tok and more

Iterative, micro-optimisations without the need for manpower

SQREEM AI constantly makes adjustments to campaigns in realtime, enhancing performance beyond the capability of any human team

Design a campaign to meet any strategy

Whether you're optimising the reach of a digital film, driving subscriptions, or e-commerce sales, you can activate any strategy within minutes

Simple unified reporting

Aggregate and analyse the most complex campaign executions through a single intuitive interface

Dynamic Creative Optimisation made easy

Through SQREEM's Smart Ads capability, you can design and execute multi-frame creative executions, and let the AI dynamically personalise and deliver these to audiences

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