ONE Market

Activate your campaigns within our proprietary DSP, seamlessly integrated into our unified tech stack

Our DSP offers unique full URL targeting capabilities, along with supply transparency, to drive effective CPMs, optimize campaign performance, and minimize costs


How we are built different

Smart Ads


Market leading audience supply and infrastructure

SQREEM plugs into the world's largest digital supply networks, uses AI to analyse & organise audience cohorts, and targets them across digital media channel

30-50% Average media price improvement

Massive supply chain efficiency means direct reductions on CPMs across all platforms like Meta, Google Adwords, Tik Tok, etc.

Fully auditable & transparent

SQREEM has written the vast majority of digital media service layers into one, fully automated, and transparent software stack - giving you full control and visibility

Cookieless audience attribution & targeting

SQREEM's architecture matches audiences behaviourally with publisher supply, in real-time. Any bid can be attached to an audience attribute, without the need for cookies

Smart Ads - turnkey dynamic creative optimisation

Managing and executing 'personalised' campaigns using Dynamic Creative Optimisation, becomes turnkey with our Smart Ads capability

Always brand safe

Compatable with any and all 3rd party ad-serving and verification software

Seamlessly optimise campaigns across platforms

With the SQREEM AI core stack, campaigns can be seamlessly optimised across any combination of media partners (i.e. Meta, Linkedin, Google)

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