ONE Intelligence

Instantly analyze and understand 90% of digital actions, worldwide

SQREEM AI processes billions of digital data points in real time, turning them into high resolution and actionable audience cohorts


How we are built different

White Spaces - Unmet Needs


Insights that are connected and alive

Explore and activate citizen and consumer journeys

Analyse 90% of the world's digital journeys

Understand what an audience does before or after using any web-page, and build a content strategy that powers action

Hyper-target audiences

Diversify the audiences you target, avoiding the profiles used by your competitors, reducing costs, and improving engagement

Intercept your competitors

Gain a quantitative view on the strengths & weaknesses of your competitors, and use this to define your growth strategy

Bring target audiences to life

AI avatars of your target audiences come alive, explain their needs, and inspire your marketing plan

Identify thousands of highly relevant "audience cohorts"

Target niche audiences, and deliver more personalised, relevant advertising

Accurately predict market growth opportunities

Identify un-tapped consumer needs and wants, and become a market leader

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